Study to establish National Sugar Supply and Demand for the Period 2014-2018


Objective: To generate information on the nature and magnitude of supply and demand for sugar in Kenya. The information is to be used to design appropriate support programs for the promotion and regulation of the industry in Kenya.


  • To study and establish the current supply and demand for industrial and domestic sugar;
  • To establish consumption patterns based on the current County set-up and factors that affect them;
  • To carry out annual projections of the supply and demand to the year 2018 for both industrial and domestic sugar;
  • To establish per capita domestic sugar consumption in Kenya, drawing comparisons with EAC and COMESA regions;
  • To develop a list of industrial sugar users, usage and their respective consumption levels;
  • To identify constraints to the efficient production of sugar in Kenya and propose solutions thereto; and
  • To investigate causes of market distortions and propose control and management mechanisms.

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