Transforming Eldoret: UNES Consultancy’s Success in Establishing the Eco-Industrial Park

March 30, 2015by UNES Consultancy

In 2015, UNES Consultancy embarked on a transformative project aimed at designing, documenting, and implementing the Eldoret Eco-Industrial Park. This ambitious initiative, funded by the Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation, sought to establish a sustainable and environmentally friendly industrial park in Eldoret Municipality Block 15/1757. In addition, UNES Consultancy was entrusted with the design and implementation of the master plan and the conduction of an Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed industrial park. In this success story, we explore how UNES Consultancy’s expertise and dedication led to the realization of this innovative and impactful project.

Understanding the Vision

The vision of establishing the Eldoret Eco-Industrial Park was to create a dynamic and sustainable hub for industrial activities while prioritizing environmental conservation and responsible resource management. UNES Consultancy embraced this vision, recognizing the immense potential of developing an eco-friendly industrial park that would contribute to Eldoret’s economic growth and mitigate environmental impacts.

Designing the Eco-Industrial Park

With their deep understanding of urban planning, environmental conservation, and sustainable development principles, UNES Consultancy embarked on the design phase of the project. Our team of experts conducted extensive research, engaging with stakeholders and incorporating their inputs into the design process. The result was a meticulously crafted master plan that seamlessly integrated industrial activities, green spaces, and environmental preservation. The design emphasized resource efficiency, waste management, renewable energy utilization, and the creation of a conducive working environment for businesses operating within the park.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Recognizing the importance of sustainable development, UNES Consultancy undertook a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed industrial park. This assessment aimed to identify and mitigate potential environmental risks and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Through rigorous data collection, impact analysis, and stakeholder consultations, UNES Consultancy developed strategies to minimize the ecological footprint of the park, protect sensitive ecosystems, and promote sustainable practices among businesses operating within the facility.

Project Implementation and Collaboration

UNES Consultancy played a vital role in the successful implementation of the Eldoret Eco-Industrial Park. They worked closely with various stakeholders, including the Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation, local government authorities, environmental agencies, and the business community. Through effective project management, meticulous documentation, and close collaboration, UNES Consultancy ensured that the implementation adhered to the approved designs, timelines, and sustainability objectives.

Sustainable Impact and Future Growth

The establishment of the Eldoret Eco-Industrial Park marked a significant milestone in Eldoret’s development journey. The park not only attracted industrial investments but also became a model for sustainable industrial practices in the region. With its eco-friendly infrastructure, green technologies, and emphasis on environmental stewardship, the park not only provided job opportunities but also contributed to the overall well-being of the community. Moreover, the success of the project positioned Eldoret as a regional leader in sustainable industrial development, attracting further investments and fostering economic growth.


UNES Consultancy’s project in 2015 to design, document, and implement the Eldoret Eco-Industrial Park showcased their expertise in sustainable urban planning and environmental stewardship. Through their dedication, collaboration, and adherence to best practices, UNES Consultancy successfully established a pioneering eco-industrial park that balanced economic growth with environmental conservation. The project’s sustainable impact and contribution to Eldoret’s development underscore the effectiveness of UNES Consultancy in driving transformative change through innovative and sustainable urban solutions.

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