UNES Consultancy Transforms Air Perishable Cargo Logistics for Kuehne+Nagel, Kenya

By leveraging their expertise in logistics and technology, UNES Consultancy empowered Kuehne+Nagel Kenya to optimize their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve growth in the competitive logistics industry.

In a transformative partnership that revolutionized air perishable cargo logistics, UNES Consultancy successfully delivered a groundbreaking project for Kuehne+Nagel in Kenya. The project, which involved the design, development, and commissioning of an advanced Air Perishable Cargo logistics management solution, showcased UNES Consultancy’s expertise in the logistics and technology sectors. Through this collaboration, Kuehne+Nagel Kenya was empowered to optimize its operations, enhance efficiency, and provide exceptional services in the perishable cargo domain.

Addressing the Challenges

Handling and managing air perishable cargo presents unique challenges, including stringent temperature control, time sensitivity, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Recognizing the need for an innovative solution, Kuehne+Nagel partnered with UNES Consultancy to develop a comprehensive logistics management system tailored specifically to the requirements of air perishable cargo. This collaboration aimed to streamline processes, minimize risks, and ensure the seamless movement of perishable goods.

Design and Development of the Logistics Solution

UNES Consultancy embarked on the design and development phase to create a bespoke logistics management system for Kuehne+Nagel Kenya. Leveraging their expertise in logistics technology, UNES Consultancy crafted a solution that incorporated features such as real-time monitoring of temperature-controlled environments, automated documentation, shipment tracking, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. The system was designed to optimize workflows, enhance visibility, and enable proactive decision-making throughout the perishable cargo supply chain.

Commissioning and Implementation

Following rigorous development and testing, UNES Consultancy facilitated the seamless commissioning and implementation of the logistics management solution for Kuehne+Nagel Kenya. The project involved integrating the system with Kuehne+Nagel’s existing infrastructure and ensuring a smooth transition for their operations. Through comprehensive training and support, UNES Consultancy equipped Kuehne+Nagel Kenya’s team with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage the solution’s full potential.

Optimized Air Perishable Cargo Operations

The successful delivery of the logistics management solution transformed Kuehne+Nagel Kenya’s air perishable cargo operations. The advanced system provided end-to-end visibility of perishable shipments, enabling precise temperature monitoring, real-time alerts, and proactive intervention in case of deviations. This enhanced control and oversight enabled Kuehne+Nagel Kenya to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, maintain product integrity, and meet the stringent demands of customers in the perishable cargo sector.

Driving Customer Satisfaction and Growth

With the implementation of the logistics management solution, Kuehne+Nagel Kenya achieved improved operational efficiency, reduced risks, and enhanced customer satisfaction. The system’s robust reporting capabilities allowed Kuehne+Nagel Kenya to generate accurate and timely reports for customers, providing valuable insights into shipment status, condition monitoring, and delivery performance. This level of transparency and reliability in perishable cargo logistics further strengthened Kuehne+Nagel Kenya’s reputation and positioned them as a trusted partner for their customers.


UNES Consultancy’s successful delivery of the Air Perishable Cargo logistics management solution for Kuehne+Nagel Kenya marks a significant milestone in transforming the perishable cargo sector. By leveraging their expertise in logistics and technology, UNES Consultancy empowered Kuehne+Nagel Kenya to optimize their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve growth in the competitive logistics industry. The project showcases UNES Consultancy’s commitment to delivering innovative and tailored solutions, driving efficiency, and enabling their clients to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

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